The Magnificent Consciousness…

June 29, 2015

IAM a passionate writer, blogger & advocate… creating awareness of the The Magnificent Consciousness and how we are each orchestrating… changing the world with each breath we breathe and choosing or not, to create heaven on earth from within.

I have published my true Awakening story  #YourMagnificentSelfAJourneyToFreedom  and  #MasterCreatorClass  to help awaken the master within and step forward to fulfil their New Role as Energy Pioneer and live a life of ease, grace and celebration.

I have created a non-profit business (Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica) in Andalusia, Spain No: 11791. Officially launched in August 2015. This enables me to fully reinvest all monies received from my books and classes into my ‘Creative Art Project’ Project Magnificent Consciousness I bring to our young children and group meet-ups I hold for people struggling with Chronic Pain and Mental Illness.

Project Magnificent Consciousness
Inspiring our young children through ART to explore, question, discover, express their unique part in the magic of our natural world and how they can create Heaven on Earth.

Free Group Meet-Ups/Chronic Pain & Mental Illness
Inspiring people who struggle with Chronic Pain & Mental Illness to explore and question outside of the box and discover and express their unique part in life and how they can create Heaven on Earth within.

How YOU can help me? 
By purchasing my book, for yourself or as a gift for a friend
By joining my local or online MasterCreator class and allowing the Master within to come out and take you beyond everything you know.
By donating paints, brushes, large canvas’s
By donating money to help pay for room hire and painting/writing material
By helping me with the kids






Click here to download a PDF with the above information about Project Magnificent Consciousness

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