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June 29, 2015


I have created a non-profit business (Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica) to help me raise funds, from donations received from my book Your Magnificent Self…A Journey To Freedom & MasterCreator classes and be able to implement 2 FREE projects in Benalmadena, Costa del Sol I feel passionate about.

Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica. Registered in Andalusia No. 11791.
‘Creating awareness of the beautiful, natural and magical world we live in and each person’s ‘powerful’ and unique essential role that contributes to creating a life of love, joy and harmony.’


A Creative Art Project ‘Creating Love, Joy & Harmony in the World’ 
To inspire our young children (6-11) to explore and discover in a fun and educational way… the natural magical and harmonious thread that runs through all life and how their unique expression… how they love to play/act/be… creates the harmony within themselves and radiates out into the world around them.

English language Relaxing/Creative Talk Group for Mental Health & Chronic Pain issues
To inspire people who suffer from Mental Health and Chronic Pain, through passive and active meditation… inner journeys, painting, dancing, singing, writing and celebrating life to look at themselves and the world around them with ‘big eyes’, their 6th intuitive sense. No matter our circumstances, everyone can choose to change their perception and look on the bright side of life, heightening their own vibration… and attract new energy to help them become whole once again.

How YOU can help me make a success of these projects?
*By purchasing my book, for yourself or as a gift for a friend
*By joining my local or online MasterCreator class and allowing the Master within to come out and take you beyond everything you know.
*Sharing my social media posts with your friends/family
*By donating paints, brushes, large canvas’s
*By donating money to help pay for the painting/writing material
*By helping me with the kids during the projects

Connect with me via the contact form or facebook page messenger to help out or register yourself or your child to participate in one of these free projects. 

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness




Creative Art Project

I first created this project in Murica, Costa Calida with sacred friends as we wished to visualise how we desired to create and live in a world of love, joy and harmony for ALL… We created it in 3 parts, asking particular questions, how we can…

1. Sense the Natural Order & Beauty of the World…
Express Individual Uniqueness in the World…
Create a World of Unity, Living together in Peace, Joy & Harmony…

Once our Expression of our Magnificent Art Mural was finished we brought it into local schools in Mazarron to help inspire our young children to imagine and create their own vision of the Magnificent and Magical World they want to live in. Over the years the project has evolved to suit our children.

1. Sensing the Natural Order & Beauty of the World…

Our beautiful natural world seems random and chaotic, however when you take a closer look, you see the perfection of everything. The perfect proportion of the Golden ratio that weaves throughout all life, creating natural patterns and cycles. From the Macro to the Micro, this magnificent natural power threads a magical aliveness (consciousness) allowing everything to grown most passionately, efficiently and perfectly… even within the imperfection.

We ask the children the following questions using their senses… seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, knowing:

*What shapes, patterns, colours, cycles and beauty are YOU aware of in the natural world?
*Do YOU see how the perfect proportion repeats itself throughout all life?
*Can YOU sense the love and harmony that this magical thread of aliveness is and flows throughout the world, YOU and everyone?
*Can YOU sense how everything is unique and powerful, individual and interconnected?

We ask them to paint together a light background on the 3 canvas’s, a magical thread that runs throughout the mural and individually pick a shape, colours and an image of beauty to paint on this first canvas.


2. Expressing Individual Uniqueness in the World…

When we understand our essential, unique and powerful part in the world we can understand our resonsibility in keeping our Body/Mind in balance, in feeling good and excited and being the loving and joyous expression within the world.

We ask the children the following questions:

*Can YOU feel this magical thread of love, joy and harmony flowing through you?
*Does it make YOU feel magical and powerful, because YOU are?
*Being a unique part of the magic and power makes you responsible for how you Play/Act/Be in the world?
*How do YOU want to express your essential and unique part in the world?
*What makes YOU feel good and excited AND how do YOU love to Play/Act/Be?

We ask them to paint a part of their body (hand/feet/head) to represent them and write/paint their excitement on this second canvas.



3. Creating a World of Unity, Living together in Peace, Joy & Harmony

As we feel happy, we notice our Environment reflecting back happiness… AND we finally understand that there is nothing to strive for except to make sure we enjoy life to the full.

We ask the children the following questions:

*Do YOU understand being responsible for your unique power allows you to choose how you want to interact in the world?
*How do YOU imagine a Happy World to look like, what are YOU and everyone doing?
*How can you best act with yourself and others and make sure the world is a fun place to live? (Sharing, Caring, Honouring)


 Download this info (PDF) by clicking below





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