Who AM I…

June 29, 2015

Natasa Portrait couture

Who AM I…

IAM Barbara, Creative Visionary and MasterCreator of New Earth, living life as a celebration in each moment with my husband Tom in Southern Spain.

I grew up in a comfy and happy home in England, but this didn’t stop me feeling odd, lonely and pressured to better myself, fit in and follow familiar family/society patterns. It all didn’t feel good or right.

Surely IAM good enough just as IAM?

At the age of 18, I had followed my inner passion and left home to explore beyond my family and country… to discover who IAM and what life is all about.

What I discovered on my journey, fully opened my heart to realise the truth of Our Magnificent World and My Magnificent Self… AND has inspired the artist, blogger and writer within to share my story with YOU.

IAM excited and passionate to share my awareness of ‘The Shift or Evolution of Consciousness’ that YOU and each person is orchestrating and changing the world with each breath you breathe and returning to your true multi-dimensional existence… as Your Magnificent Self and live a life of celebration.

Whether YOUR body/mind believes this or not, nothing will stop this grand transformation from happening.

Warning… This natural transformation turns everyone/thing upside down and inside out… detoxifying & cleaning up everything that is not aligned/balanced in love, harmony and unity and upgrading your system in preparation for a new quantum existence and magical adventure beyond everything ever known.

Your body/mind, identity, relationships, home, work and your outside world will be no exception to feeling the chaos, dis-ease and destruction of everything built on fear and lack.

IAM here to inspire you to AWAKEN… to open your heart and be aware of the natural INTEGRATION or reunion of your Body, Mind and Spirit. Your Divine self, the Master and Creator coming together with your Human Body and Mind as One Body Consciousness and moving forward into a new Multi-Dimensional existence.

My message is clear and simple…

YOU are magnificent, all powerful, unique and an essential part of ‘Our Magnificent World’… living now, being Your Magnificent Self, gifting yourself to the world.

After a long Human experience of duality… there is nothing more for the Human to fix, better or learn… but relax and get to know All of yourself. In quiet moments journey within, observe, embrace and love everything about YOU… yes your pains, fears, judgments and doubts too.

Become your own best friend, doctor and spirit guide and allow all that you are… Human, Divine & Aspects to come back home within your beautiful physical vehicle and lead YOU into a new adventure beyond everything known.

Allow yourself to flow through this natural transformation in ease and grace… despite the chaos, struggle and limitation you may sense within and around you AND be able to live a life of celebration as Your Magnificent Self.

It is all a matter of CHOICE

For the Human to surrender… or not… to your core Divine essence, the pure loving consciousness you essentially are and allow this part of YOU take you beyond your fearful limited physical existence into a loving life of freedom… as the Multi-Dimensional Being you truly are… creating heart and soul desire in each moment.

How do you CHOOSE to live through these days?

I know your heart will resonate with my true AWAKENING story… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom. A journey falling in love with ALL of myself and realising who IAM and what’s going on in the World.

AND to help encourage the natural INTEGRATION of your Divine and Human selves, I created a MasterCreator Class (local & online) for you to prepare for your new Role as MasterCreator and live a life of ease, grace and celebration… beyond everything known.

Donations received for my books and classes help fund my non-profit business…

Association Consciencia Magnifica. Registered in Malaga, Andalusia No 11791


I have created two projects in which to help inspire others of The Magnificent Consciousness we are all part of. Creating awareness of the beautiful, natural and magical world we live in and each person’s powerful and unique essential role that contributes to creating Peace and Harmony for ALL on Earth.

A Creative Art Project Creating Love, Joy & Harmony in the World
To inspire our young children (6-11) to explore and discover in a fun and educational way… the natural magical and harmonious thread that runs through all life and how their unique expression… how they love to play/act/be… creates the harmony with themselves and radiates out into the world around them.

Each project takes 3 sessions of 2 hrs for a max. of 9 children.

English language Relaxing/Creative Talk Group for Mental Health & Chronic Pain Sufferers.
To inspire people who suffer from Mental Health and Chronic Pain, through passive and active meditation… inner journeys, paints, dancing, singing, writing and celebrating life, to look at themselves and the world around them with ‘big eyes’ (6th intuitive sense).

No matter YOUR circumstances, everyone can choose to perceive life in a new expanded state, to sense YOUR innocence, purity, beauty and growth potential… that heightens your vibration, attracting NEW energy to allow change to happen.

Please contact me if you/your child/friend would like to join one of these free group projects in Benalmadena.

My Vision…
Consciousness expands as Humankind, ‘one heart at a time’ trust themselves to rise above the Human Game of Success & Failure, limitation, lack and fear into a timeless and expanding field of potential… beyond anything ever known. They discover a life of freedom, abundance and creativity that allows them to celebrate the experience of true sensuality, compassion and joy as DivineHumanBeings.


My first book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom, self-published on November 1st 2015

I share my own magical journey, exploring Who I AM with the help of nine Elemental Beings and expand from a world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom. It is in this loving space that I discover my Divine and ALL LOVING self and allow myself to integrate together as one Body Consciousness… a DivineHumanBeing… and Magnificent Master Creator who expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond.

MasterCreator Class Module

MasterCreator Class…
For the ones who want to commit and celebrate their own Magnificent MasterCreator Self  I have created Five Master Classes, (local and online) which take you deep into the core of consciousness itself.

You enrol in your very own stage performance and love story, taking the lead role in Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom and are inspired to express your innate creativity through Play, Dance, Song, Writing, Art, Expanded Journeys and Celebration of all that you truly are.

You allow yourself to be the Sovereign MasterCreator self and enjoy living and creating in the New Energy Consciousness, having fun, loving self, consciously choosing and expressing your heart and soul passion.

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